NT Solutions is now Innovative Flare.

Business Consulting

Starting and running a business can prove to be a very stressful process not to mention turning a profit. We believe that the first step in starting any business is creating a well detailed business plan. NT Solution’s consultants are seasoned professionals that can take you from your business plan to your exit strategy. A business plan is the instruction manual for the assembly and operation of all the key pieces of a business. Without a business plan success cannot be measured and failure cannot be assessed.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing your products and services is crucial to the success of your business. Knowing where to spend your marketing dollars is one of the key aspects in marketing – once we determine your target audience we have the knowledge and research tools to find out how and where to reach your customers. Another key aspect in marketing is timing – we can predict the hot and cold times of all the different areas of marketing to make sure you capitalize on when your audience is paying the most attention.

IT Consulting

We begin every IT assignment with set basic necessities which includes determining the requirements and defining the scope of the project, these first two steps are key for planning the timescales and resources that are needed for completion. These steps also include clarifying the client’s system specifications and understanding their works practices and their nature of business. We then move on to determining client’s staff usage to properly calculate software, hardware and network requirements.