The Top 10 Ways to Get More Clients For a Tax Preparation Business

Get More Clients For a Tax Preparation Business

The Most Effective Ways to Get More Clients For a Tax Preparation Business

As a tax preparation business owner, your major concerns may be finding and recruiting competent tax experts or keeping up with the tax laws. However, it would be best to prioritize your marketing efforts to ensure that you get tax preparation clients all year round.

Marketing your tax preparation business helps to establish a clientele network that depends on your business for tax preparation over your competitors. That said, here are a few ways to help you get more clients for your tax preparation business.

NAP Optimization

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Through Google My Business, you can focus on your business when displaying searches for local businesses. This is where NAP (name, address, phone number) optimization comes into play to ensure your business ranks well in local search results on tax preparation businesses.

Begin by conducting a quick audit to determine how your business website ranks among already listed websites. You can achieve this by searching with your business name, address, or combined info. You can also use a website audit tool to identify any issues and external links on your site. These citations will help you determine which issues require resolving, double-check your business information, and make the required edits.

Ensure that your NAP profile is updated on Google My Business. This way, you can verify whether the information on your NAP profile matches the one on your website. Thus, clients can find accurate information when they google your business and establish contact.

Optimized Google My Business Page

Google My Business (GMB) is a useful tool for businesses seeking local exposure by listing the business on a location-based strategy. This way, web users can effortlessly find a business in their locality and its information based on name, address, operation hours, phone number, customer reviews, and business category.

Conduct a google search on your business to find out whether it has been listed with GMB. If your business was established earlier, run the search to claim your GMB listing. GMB is a free platform, and setting up is easy as it only requires you to provide all your business’s relevant details then await verification.

Make sure to manage and respond to reviews as it shows that you value your customers’ feedback. Create a link on your GMB profile that users can click to write a review about your business and their experience with your tax preparation services. A reviews section increases your website’s visibility in search results, and positive reviews allow you to get tax preparation clients after their research.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms provide businesses with a great opportunity to drive sales, improve customer engagement, and generate traffic. You can get more clients for your tax preparation business by applying the right social media marketing strategy. Begin by defining a goal for your social media marketing approach and ensure that your goals are realistic, attainable, and measurable.

Your clients are on Social Media, let’s help them find your tax preparation business

With a goal in mind, you should move to encompass your marketing strategy around your target audience. Identify your target demographics and the social media platforms that they use. This way, you can tailor your content to answer your audience’s questions or concerns on tax laws and preparation.

The next step would be to focus on the social media platforms used by your target audience. You don’t have to be a user on all platforms but make the most out of the few you’ve established a presence. Facebook and YouTube are good options to post your video content, and ads while LinkedIn is more professional where you’ll come across businesses or individuals interested in your tax services.

Take advantage of social media marketing tools such as paid ads and SEO analytics. Paid ad campaigns allow you to promote your content and ensure it reaches a wide demographic.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) helps you market your tax preparation business through paid ads that appear on search engine results. SEM allows you to take advantage of internet users’ keywords when looking for certain products or services on search engines such as Google or Bing.

Get in front of potential clients who are already searching for your tax preparation services

SEM can be a useful tool for your marketing strategy as it works to display your ads to prospects that are ready to purchase your services. This is made possible through keywords which users key in when looking for certain products and services online. Pinpoint keywords relevant to your business that users are likely to use when looking for tax preparation services.

Finding keywords that are relevant to your business will form the basis of your SEM campaign. These keywords will impact your conversion rates, and that’s why you should also take note of irrelevant keywords to eliminate from your campaign. Research on the most relevant keywords and establish an account structure of your SEM campaign for higher click rates and lower costs-per-click.

Email Marketing to Get More Clients

Irrespective of increased social media and email spam, email marketing remains an effective marketing strategy to establish customer loyalty and generate leads. It’s because emails remain a priority communication channel for most online users and are among the best ways to drive sales due to better conversion rates.

Email marketing only works if you send the message to the right audience, and you should start by generating and capturing your leads to compile an email list. Look for an email service provider to help identify your audience, sort your email list, and send your marketing mail. Integrate your email service provider with your other marketing tools for easier leads generation and automation of your email marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves practices that enhance your website content for improved visibility on organic search results on search engines. Just like in SEM, citations form the basis of SEO strategies. Creating citations for your tax preparation business begins by having a quality website that is up and running.

Set up or update your GMB profile and ensure that your business is verified to appear on local searches, and ensure prospect customers have the means to contact your business. Create internal links for your keywords and ensure that your URLs sensibly contain a keyword.

Make sure that you provide relevant content on your website that appeals to your clientele base. Your content should be top quality and free from plagiarism. Invoke the use of various media types like photos, gifts, and videos for better content optimization.

Yelp Ads For Tax Preparation Business

Creating a Yelp ad campaign drives the awareness of your business through online reviews. Create a Yelp profile for your business and claim your listing. Move to optimize your content, and feel free to use pictures, gifs, and videos with a personalized message from your business. Encourage customers to leave a Yelp review on your business and ensure that you monitor and respond to reviews, whether positive or negative.

Sending Postcards via USPS EDDM

EDDM postcards are a good way to communicate with residents and businesses in your locality directly. Identify your target area and design a postcard with your business name, a headline, and a unique message. This way, you can directly inform your audience about your business and why they should opt for your tax preparation services over your competitors.

Radio Ads

Advertising your tax preparation business on the radio begins with identifying your audience, reaching out to a station, and choosing a good time to run the ad. Ensure you have a good script that will engage your audience within a short time-span as radio ads only run for a few seconds.

TV Ads

TV ads are quite similar to the radio, but they require visual content and cost more. Ensure that you plan your budget on how much you’re willing to spend on the ad. This way, you can choose the runtime and ad duration, which affect the payment rates. Hire a marketing company to help you develop a good script and find actors for your TV ad. Ensure that the ad is contextually relevant to your business.

Marketing for tax preparation business has never been easier in this cyber era. Identify what you need, conduct research, consult and pick out a marketing strategy to get tax preparation clients.

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