Innovative Flare is formerly known as NT Solutions and was founded in June of 1998.

About Us

Innovative Flare offers innovative strategies to help your business stand out in the Internet market today. Established in 1998, we are committed to offering the best in services and solutions for companies both local and international. Our pride is in your satisfaction. Take advantage of our customized plans to fit your company’s goals with a FREE no obligation quote to help us get started.


At Innovative Flare, we understand how much your money matters to you. We’re confident our flexible rate plan can fit any business whether you are home business owner, small to medium size business owner or the CEO of a major corporation. We’ve also made the commitment in providing the latest technology to help your apply marketing strategies that work best for you. Check out what Innovative Flare has to offer!


Innovative Flare’s mission is to prove to the world that great customer service doesn’t have to be expensive. We pride ourselves on achieving excellence by listening to our client’s needs and valuing their goals as much as they do. Our commitment is to your success. We’re here to help you get what you want out of the Internet market today.

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