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SEO vs SEM: The Pros and Cons of Each Strategy for Your Business

SEO vs. SEM: The Pros and Cons of Each Strategy for Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are effective content marketing techniques. These digital marketing strategies, combined with the power of utilizing employee advocacy for content strategy, can significantly boost your business’s online visibility and customer...
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PPC vs. SEO - Which Is Better for Your Brand?

PPC vs. SEO – Which Is Better for Your Brand?

When starting a business, applying effective marketing methods is of the utmost importance. You have to get the word out and find ways to distinguish your brand from the competition. Moreover, since people turn to the internet whenever they need something, focusing on digital marketing is a must. No...
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An illustration showing a part of a search results page, symbolizing SERP features you should monitor for better SEO

SERP Features You Should Monitor for Better SEO

Improving SEO should always be your number one priority when it comes to maintaining the company website. With that in mind, we are talking about SERP features you should monitor for better SEO. These additional elements contribute to the search engine results by adding a new piece of information....
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Business owners looking at seo trends

How SEO Can Improve Your Customer Experience

SEO, as we all know, is about optimizing your site for search engines. But, of course, search engines are there to serve humans, some of which are your customers. As a site owner, you want to please search engines, so your website pops up on SERPs, but you also have to make sure that your visitors h...
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Person looking at website statistics.

Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Websites frequently use different metrics to measure how well they are performing. Of all the different indicators you can track, arguably the most important one is the number of people visiting your website. Without website visitors, you'll have no one to sell your products to, and all the other me...
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Warning about cyber attacks and different types of negative SEO on a tablet.

Types of negative SEO and how to protect your website

Whether we like it or not, negative SEO happens. And in competitive business environments, like today, it happens more than you think. Even the most honest websites can find themselves being the victims of malicious intents and practices, especially if they don't have previous experience with this t...
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