Best Practices for Increasing Your Email Deliverability Rate

An illustration of sending an email, representing ways for increasing your email deliverability rate.

Email marketing is still very efficient today. However, it becomes more and more challenging to use it correctly and create a successful email marketing campaign. That is because people are getting spammed with emails every day. They don’t have interest in more than 70% of the stuff that finds its way into their mailbox. If you are the one sending those low-quality emails, your address will either get blocked or your emails will finish in the spam folder. They can even get rejected by the recipient’s server. That is why we want to teach you the best practices for increasing your email deliverability rate. Learn how to use email content in the right way!

Build the contact list yourself

One of the best email marketing tips for small or startup businesses is to get to know your customers. First and foremost, build your list of email contacts yourself. It might be tempting to purchase lists from other companies because they do the job for you. However, that is not good for multiple reasons:

  • You never know how those emails are collected
  • There is a high chance that a lot of the emails on the list are not valid anymore
  • People owning those emails might have no interest in what you are selling
  • You did not invest the time and effort to research your customers, get in touch with them, and ask for their email

If you do this process yourself, you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. The worst thing that can happen is that you spend a lot of time creating quality content and sending it out, only to discover that people on the receiving end have no interest in it. But, if you were the one who connected with potential customers and asked for their emails, you managed to establish a connection and get valid emails.

Always use a recognizable sender name

Have you ever wondered what is email sender’s reputation and how to improve it? Try to work on your reputation by taking the following into account. Sending emails from unknown email addresses will quickly get you blocked. Or, your emails will end up in the spam folder or even be deleted. Also, you should never fake your email address or make it similar to a recognizable brand to trick people into reading emails.

All of those are very bad practices. Always make sure that the name of your business is clearly stated in the email. Furthermore, you might also want to add the name of the sender and the department. By doing so, your email sender’s name will become more trusted, which will positively affect the deliverability rate.

Do not write clickbait subject lines

Clickbait is one of the most efficient ways to have someone click on your link. However, it can only work once. Once people realize what you are doing, they will block your address. That is not the way to do business.

All of your subject lines should accurately reflect the content of the email. The idea is to build trust between your business and your clients. That is why writing engaging subject lines that genuinely engage your readers is necessary.

To create a good subject line, you need to think about your readers’ interests. Formulate the subject line in such a way that it offers a solution to a specific problem.

Only work with reputable email service providers

Even though it may seem like every email service provider will do the work, that is incorrect. When picking your email service provider, it is crucial to find a reputable one. If you wish to boost your ROI with emails, you need to use quality services.

Also, they should offer a variety of features that will improve your email campaigns, such as:

  • Email templates
  • Email automation features
  • Personalization tools
  • Email list management tools
  • Integration with other services
  • Email analytics
  • A/B testing

Aside from these amazing features, a reputable ESP will also provide you with the ability to measure the deliverability rate and implement email authentication.
These two features have a huge impact on the email deliverability rate. Let’s look at them closely to understand why.

Measuring email deliverability rate

It is crucial to closely monitor your emails to track and increase your email deliverability rate. Otherwise, you won’t even know there is a problem and your emails are not getting delivered.
More advanced features will also help you understand the cause of the problem. That is a crucial step because you need to know what is broken so that you can fix it.

Email Authentication

Email authentication includes protocols that verify the credibility of the sender. Besides the deliverability rate, these protocols will also indirectly increase the email open rate. Three
main services you should always take are:

  • SPS: SPS stands for Sender Policy Framework. This protocol allows domain owners to safelist specific IP addresses that belong to verified email owners. When an email is sent, the server cross-references the sender’s name with its list of verified senders and only delivers the email if it is on the list. Getting this service means you have verified your business.
  • DKIM: DomainKeys Identified Mail protocol improves the email verification process by adding a digital signature to the email header. This signature is a sign that an authorized sender sent the email and that no one tempered with the email during transit. Once the email gets delivered to the recipient’s server, the server checks the digital signature, and if it is valid, it delivers the email.
  • DMARC: Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance protocol is an incredibly useful feature. It is equipped with a set of rules that tell the server how to treat the emails that fail SPS or DKIM authentication. This is a feedback mechanism that sends reports on email authentication results, and it helps domain owners to take corrective actions.

Make increasing your email deliverability rate easy and simple

These are just some of the strategies for increasing your email deliverability rate. As long as you follow these best practices, you will verify yourself as a reliable sender, which is crucial for establishing a trustworthy connection with your readers. As a result, you will see a substantial increase in the deliverability rate of your emails.