Top 5 Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales by Appealing to Consumer Psyche

Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales

Marketing is a game of perception. Every sales agent knows that to be able to convert a potential customer into a loyal client, they must first convince him or her of the need to buy a product or service.

The sales agent needs to show the customer why they need the product and how it would add value to their lives.

Regardless of whether you are a millennial or an older generation who grew up without the internet, one thing is for sure – We still have the same basic desires and wants.

And when you break down the process by which we all make decisions, we still respond pretty much the same way to choosing our desired products and services.

By appealing to human psychology, you too can leverage it to drive more sales.

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Here are some marketing strategies to drive sales

1. The desire for novelty

We, as humans, all have a desire for novelty. It makes us feel unique and stand out from the crowd. It makes us feel special.

As a clever marketing tactician, you can appeal to this desire to drive more sales.

It can prove quite useful when you have a product that has certain special features or has identified a particular niche.

2. A human story

People will not purchase products without first being convinced that value will be added to their lives. Products are therefore viewed as a way to solve problems.

By providing a human story about how your products have a greater impact not just on the buyer but on the community at large, people are much more likely to make a purchase.

This is because they believe that they are doing a greater good by buying your products. For instance, companies that sell recyclable water bottles can go with the idea that they help prevent pollution. And we all know that plastic waste in the ocean causes harm to marine life.

3. The desire for pleasure

All humans naturally want to feel pleasure. It is one emotion that contributes to our general happiness. If people feel like a product will give them pleasure, they will buy it.

Something else to note is that when offering a service, the customer wants to know that they made the right choice.

Because of this, you must focus on providing the absolute best customer experience. This can also prove to be a great way to grab customer loyalty.

4. Satisfy curiosity

People have a desire for information and a want to satisfy their curiosity. They want to know and learn more about the product that they are about to purchase.

Offering customers information through content such as blogs, videos and images can go a long way to helping them buy your products.

However, part of doing this is withholding some information. Instead of providing all the information upfront, you can prompt them to keep reading about your product or visit your website.

Here they can find all the information about the product or service that they are searching for.

Another strategy is to provide just a bit extra on your website or landing page, which prompts the visitors to click through more website pages.

5. Provide social proof

Before the age of the internet, one way that businesses got repeat customers is by relying on customers to pass on information about their experience to others.

Now in the digital era, customers also need proof that products are fulfilling their purpose and solving problems.

One way to achieve this is to provide social proof. This is where a business showcases its product’s effectiveness on social media.
Businesses can also leverage influencers to help pass on this information to their followers.

As a result, a certain percentage of these followers are expected to convert.

Final Word

Appealing to the customer psyche involves proving to them that your product or service adds value.

Whether it’s showing social proof, or satisfying their desire for novelty or pleasure, once customers trust your brand they are far more likely to be repeat customers.

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