6 Best Social Media Networking Tips

6 Best Social Media Networking Tips

Social media is a powerful tool that can change your life completely. Social media is a tool for creating amazing content and can also help you grow your network.

For professionals looking to expand their network and add as many new people to their digital Rolodex, social media is the tool to use. But how do you network through social media? After all, isn’t social media one of the most expensive avenues to grow an audience?

While all that is true, you can network through social media without paying a single dime. So how do you do it? We will explain that in this guide. So with all that said, let’s start.

1. Start Today

It isn’t easy to compete on social media. With so many people fighting for the attention of others, there’s only so much attention these people can give. But you’re not looking for attention. You’re looking for genuine engagement with people who want to engage with you. You want to be in the category of inspiring people on social media. This means you want others to look you up and be inspired by your content.

The whole point of networking is to create a group of people that all help each other. So the first social media networking tip is to start, really. While this general tip can be applied to almost anything, it’s essential to understand that time is valuable in any industry. And so is the case in your industry. You can then implement the other tips on this list. But never lose sight of what’s important – starting now.

2. Create Insightful Content

When looking to grow your network through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, the best way to attract people is to create insightful content.

Most professionals create content to monetize it. You’re not in that boat, not now at least. There are tons of ways to increase website traffic through Instagram. Unfortunately, that’s not important right now. Your goal right now is to create content so others can join your community. Through insightful content, you create a community of like-minded individuals where you will be the leader of that community.

When it comes to the actual content, the sky is the limit. For example, you can create a simple infographic that addresses key issues in your industry, how-to videos that explain a specific topic and write blog posts.

The idea is for the content to be easily digestible and shareable. That way, people will have an easy time getting your content out there and attracting more people to your community.

3. Don’t Sell

We live in an age where everyone is selling something to someone. While social media makes it seamless to sell anything, allow us to remind you that the goal isn’t to increase quarterly profits.

In addition, people are tired of salespeople. They want to get back home and relax. And one way they do that is by spending their downtime browsing the internet and the various social media apps.

When looking to network through social media, avoid the hard-sell approach. Don’t be pushy or promotive. Instead, look to add value to a person’s news feed. That way, you’re making yourself appear more attractive. People won’t be discouraged from following you since you’re not viewing them as numbers. When you’re not selling something, it’s evident to others that there’s no agenda involved.

That way, you’re growing your network through social media by attracting people who add value to your network.

4. Share Your Followers’ Content

Being part of a network means being part of a group where everyone wants the best for the group. Since you all want to succeed, one way to grow your network is to share content created by people within your network. This is also the best way to connect with someone deeper. You can comment on how their content has impacted you positively, and they will notice your comment. Doing this shows that all their hard work in creating that particular content has benefited someone else. And it also shows that you’re paying attention.

When others in your network notice your willingness to engage with others, it tells them that you can be a person to reach out for advice or support. This is the right way to grow your network through social media, but there is more.

5. Reach Out

The great thing about networking online is connecting with exceptional individuals while improving your communication skills. The key concept behind social media is connecting with people from all corners of the globe. So you can take what social media offers and use it to grow your network of professionals.

If people don’t reach out to you, reach out to them instead. This shows your willingness to connect with someone and know more about them. Even if you know nothing about the person, you’re telling them you’re committed to knowing more about them. What this does is it improves your chances of starting a professional relationship. So, reach out, state your intentions, and hope to forge a relationship that will benefit both of you.

6. Be Yourself

You want to be genuine and yourself when networking through social media. There’s no point in putting on a facade and acting differently. When sending a DM or commenting on someone’s post, be yourself and, most importantly, be brief.

No one has the time to read long messages. So short paragraphs always get the best results. Why? Because they’re personal. A short paragraph tells the person you’re not here to spam their DMs or waste their time. So, be brief, concise, and to the point when introducing yourself to someone. That way, you’re maximizing your chances of getting the best response.


We can use social media to grow our professional network of like-minded individuals. Luckily, networking through social media isn’t rocket science. By learning how to do it, you will have a much easier time starting and expanding your digital Rolodex to include exceptional individuals willing to offer a helping hand. I hope these six social media networking tips help you achieve that.