What you need to know about PPC Advertising in 2015

PPC advertising evolves constantly with changes in both the marketing options available and the way that consumers interact with them. There are a number of things that people can expect to happen in pay per click advertising this year.

Here are a few things to know about PPC Advertising in 2015

The Rise of Video Ads

Video ads increase click through rates significantly, and some experts in the industry expect the total revenue gained from video advertising to almost double from levels seen in 2013 and hit $5 billion by the end of the year. With this, people are gradually shifting their focus and paying more attention to pay per click marketing on YouTube and similar video platforms. However, people should keep in mind that this move is governed by the fact that people enjoy the content that videos contain, and making sure that users actually want to click on ads is key to succeeding in pay per click marketing using videos.

Content is Still King

Major search engines have begun to change their algorithms in a way that favors natural language searches. Because of this, PPC advertising experts believe that advertisement content is of the utmost importance when trying to get users to click on ads. People are much more likely to engage with advertising that educates them and provides information that helps accomplish goals. This creates an incentive for marketers to ensure that their pay per click advertising is targeted to give consumers exactly what they want. Many people are beginning to focus on things like company blogs to reach out to consumers in a format that they are more likely to appreciate.

Keywords Are Less Important

With the shift to natural language, search engine algorithms no longer place as much emphasis on keywords. Instead, they analyze the relationships between words in an attempt to put sites that serve up the best content on the top of search results pages. While keywords still have some amount of pull in gaining rank, PPC marketing is becoming more about ensuring that users get content that they actually want to see. With this, it is important to watch out for issues with keyword density and make sure to include links that provide people with a more interactive experience.

Targeting Consumers is Becoming Easier

The return on investment that people get from their PPC marketing campaigns is likely to increase as major search engines implement programs that can identify how specific individuals use the site and how likely they are to engage with advertisers. Facebook is also introducing Atlas that can be used to target specific customer groups for pay per click marketing based on their personality. This is a great development for marketers who are informed enough to utilize these technologies as they greatly assist in getting the best ads tailored to specific users.

Mobile is Getting Bigger

People are now spending an average of two hours per day using mobile devices, and this trend is set to increase in the future. Marketers who are able to capitalize on this can see big gains. However, people should keep in mind that individuals who are using their phone report that they will generally skip to a new page when a mobile-optimized site does not load within 5 seconds. This means speed is imperative when people are engaging with customers via mobile marketing.