Some of the Best Marketing Resources for Web Entrepreneurs in 2021

Best Marketing Resources for Web Entrepreneurs in 2021

Looking for Some of the Best Marketing Resources for Web Entrepreneurs in 2021?

If you are a startup, small business owner, or if you just prefer a more hands-on approach when it comes to your business you have to be excited by just the sheer number of free online marketing tools available to you as a web entrepreneur. In fact, there are so many of these types of tools available that you may be a little overwhelmed or not even know where to start. Plus, aside from some popular standbys that you may be familiar with, there are newer websites and apps offering some cool services that you may not have even heard of yet! 

Today, we will sort through all of the hype and tell you all about the free online marketing tools that you may not have heard of, but should try in 2021!

Email Marketing

Sendinblue is a great alternative to the more popular Mailchimp. Mailchimp is still a good option for email marketing, but if you are looking for SMS marketing tools, more advanced statistics, and 24/7 support, then Sendinblue could be a better option for you. There is a forever free option as well as a premium subscription, just like Mailchimp but cheaper. If you want to check them out, their website is


2020 saw many brick and mortar businesses come into the digital marketplace for the first time. Many business owners may be new to having a website and may not be familiar with all of the analytics that you can use to your advantage. Smylelytics provides you with two emails per month that will break down all of your website statistics in a fun and easy way. You can even choose the images that they use to personalize your experience. You can visit their website at

Traditional Marketing Materials

When it comes to traditional marketing materials the two that are probably never going to go completely out of style are flyers and business cards. This is because they are the most versatile paper marketing materials. You don’t have to spend a lot when it comes to paper marketing materials. You can easily print them yourself on your own printer. The only real cost is paper or card stock. You can find free poster templates here, and free business card templates here

Online Project Management 

Trello and G Suite have been really popular for online team collaboration and better collaboration among team members who are working at different sites. There is another alternative that you may not have heard of called Wrike. It has real-time reporting and project tracking along with interactive charts, boards, and dashboards with easy sharing and easy to manage visibility. Wrike has free and premium services, you can see what they have to offer at

Writing Tools

Engaging content is a big deal in marketing right now. One of the best ways to improve your engagement with your customers is by blogging. Blogging is not hard and doesn’t take a lot of professional skills. What is important is making sure you keep your blog looking smart and professional with good grammar and decent technique. You have probably heard of Grammarly, which will check for plagiarism for you, but there are some other really cool writing tools out there in addition to just plagiarism, grammar, and spelling checkers. For example, the Title Capitalization Tool will help you keep your titles correct and TinyPNG will compress your images to reduce the file sizes dramatically. You can even access free photos to use in your blogs and online marketing efforts on sites like and


Remember, these are all free online tools you can try, so, you have nothing to lose. Spend a little time experimenting with them and see what works for you. You may find some great online solutions that will help you and your brand save time and money. Contact Innovative Flare for all your digital marketing needs.