Online Marketing Quickstart

What is Online Marketing and how does it work?

Online Marketing is means exactly what is says “Marketing your business or product online”.

So you have a new website and a shopping cart. The new business is ready to go. You’ve got great product, perhaps even a new invention. Now you’re thinking you need a way to be found. Think about it in terms of several methods. Use Social Media Marketing for organic search results and search engine optimization or Search Engine Marketing. Include a Pay Per Click Marketing campaign, (PPC Marketing). Innovative Flare will bring the most to your shopping cart with many methods of marketing for ECommerce. Web design is an important feature too and they offer it; but I assume if you’re reading here you’ve done this already.

You cannot sell if the millions of online shoppers do not find your Website. So lets get started in a quick how to get found.

First – know these terms:
Pay Per Click Marketing or PPC Marketing.
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Search Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing play a big part in online marketing and is as important to your business as being listed in the Yellow Pages once was, but more. On the internet, it is like being listed in virtually millions of directories and its hard work. They will steer your companies Paid Search Marketing on all the large search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I will review the above terms so you will understand in general, but I highly recommend you go to the library and check it out in detail. Online shopping and information is a billion dollar industry. Do your own research first! Then contact Innovative Flare. It really makes sense to get an understanding of the Internet Shopping and Marketing methods available for your online store. Before going to the doctor I like doing a little research!

Pay Per Click Marketing or PPC Marketing  is another important piece of online marketing and is simply what it states. You will pay for each click of an ad that any surfer makes. This is deducted from your allocated budget prepaid to Google or Bing through a broker such as Innovative Flare. You could set it up yourself too but who has time when you are busy with business. Ok so you have pages of stuff on your website and a marketing campaign, or tag line about what you sell, in a nutshell. It is composed of a few keywords basically and maybe your company name or logo. Lets say you are selling SWEATERS. You might place a campaign for all combinations of keywords your customers will search related to this such as, Sweaters or Blue Sweaters or Cashmere Sweaters or Unique Sweaters. The Ad can include your logo and should have the important link to the place you want to bring your traffic. You would actually use all of these keywords. They are then entered into the campaign and submitted to the search engines. Payment is usually collected in advance. Your ads will go out to the World Wide Web and users will click on the word of interest starting with the browser. When the word they searched returns your ad and they click it, the first step is achieved. The idea is to bring back to your site only interested folks. You want the ad to show up in relevant places so your ad spend is not wasted.

The objective here is to convert this into a sale or call to action. Another call to action can be capturing an email address because maybe you are just collecting those for a beta test of your campaign message. The benefit is then you have a list for future email marketing or social media sources.

Social Media marketing can be extensive or as targeted as you like. It includes tweeting and blogging, use of Facebook, Tumbler, Linkedin, Four Square and more. Any fifteen year old has more! This is a complimentary way to add relevance to your business and should be used for Search Engine Marketing