Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your WordPress Website

Person looking at website statistics.

Websites frequently use different metrics to measure how well they are performing. Of all the different indicators you can track, arguably the most important one is the number of people visiting your website. Without website visitors, you’ll have no one to sell your products to, and all the other metrics become insignificant. While ads play an important part in any marketing campaign, most marketing experts feel that they have accomplished their mission if they manage to increase the organic traffic to a site. The same strategies are equally important for large multi-million companies, as well as small, one-person businesses. Let’s dive into the five best ways to increase organic traffic on your WordPress website.

What is organic traffic?

Firstly we need to get a few things straight. Traffic to your website can come from many sources, and where that traffic is coming from can tell you a lot about your website, its SEO, and marketing. There are multiple types of website traffic, but it can be divided into two main groups: traffic from paid vs. traffic from unpaid sources.

Organic traffic represents all the visitors who come to your websites from unpaid sources. Those visits aren’t a direct result of someone clicking on one of your ads. For this reason, some website owners consider that to be free traffic; however, that would be a gross oversimplification. If done properly, search engine marketing can yield excellent results. Even if you didn’t pay for the individual clicks, a lot of effort probably went into tweaking your website so that it appeals to search engines.

Organic traffic isn’t the only form of unpaid traffic, and the other main source of unpaid visits to your site would be direct traffic. While organic traffic comes from people visiting your website from search engines, direct traffic comes from people entering your website URL into their browsers.

5 best ways to increase organic traffic on your WordPress website:

1. Use long-tail keywords

If you want to have your website appear in SERPs, you need to look into search engine optimization and make some adjustments to your website. A lot goes into making sure that your site ticks all the boxes that search engines are interested in. Obviously, it’s going to be hard to optimize for everything, but keywords are one of the most important things you should be focusing on.

Long-tail keywords consist of three or four words that accurately describe your page to both search engines and users. Do your research and carefully create your pages to include these keywords in their titles. This will make your content easier to find, and it will better match user queries in search engines – guaranteeing that users are getting exactly what they are searching for.

2. Create quality content

All the SEO in the world won’t be able to help you get more traffic if your website has nothing to offer. The real reason why Google will recommend your website to users is if the algorithm decides that your content will provide value to your website visitors. Quality content is what will let your website stand out from the competition, and Google has made it its mission to focus on the experience of the end user. Rolling up your sleeves and making content that people will want to read is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic on your WordPress website.

Your content should be relevant to the products and services your company offers. Product previews, guides, and tutorials are great topics to write about. This type of content can provide a lot of value over time. Every product is meant to fulfill a need or solve a particular problem. Therefore, be sure to mention your own products in the content you create, and explain how they can help your users solve the issues they are facing. That perfectly leads us to our next point, which is tying the pages of your website together.

3. Interlink your pages

When you are writing about your products and services, make sure to include internal links to the pages that actually feature them. This serves multiple purposes:

  • Users will have an easier time navigating your website.
  • You get to directly promote your products to an audience that is interested in them.
  • You are building a network of pages that helps boost your SEO.

However, there are several things you should keep in mind when you are trying to incorporate internal linking in your website design. All of the hyperlinks need to be relevant and logical. They should lead users to where they expect to be taken. Use WordPress plugins to help you identify keywords in posts and title pages.

4. Improve user engagement

If Google realizes that users are spending a lot of time interacting with your website, it will be more likely to recommend it to other users. For this reason, you need to develop effective ways to increase page views and keep visitors on your website. The previously mentioned content can be of great help, especially if you help users find it by using internal links. However, you should also try to get users to share and comment on your content. You can include widgets for single-click sharing and have a comments section where you can engage users in a discussion on your content.

5. Get more traffic from social media

Creating a profile for your business on social media platforms can significantly increase organic traffic on your WordPress website. Based on our experience in digital marketing in Florida, we recommend that you don’t just copy the same content from your website and repost it on social media. This strategy won’t incentivize people to follow your social channels, and those who do – won’t be inclined to visit your website. Instead of splitting your audience in half, you should give users a reason to visit both by posting specialized content.

The bottom line

As you can see, the best ways to increase organic traffic on your WordPress website all center around improving the overall user experience and offering value to your site’s visitors. Design your website with users in mind, and the traffic will increase.