Top eCommerce Web Development Company

Top eCommerce Web Development Company

If you’re looking to grow your business using digital marketing, look no further. At Innovative Flare, we help you increase traffic to your company’s website and boost sales. Whether your business is a startup or a fully-established company, our digital marketing experts can help you grow.

We are one of America’s top eCommerce web development companies and are experts in digital marketing and search engine optimization. For over one decade, we’ve been producing excellent SEO results for different brands to help them get more clients and revenue. As a web development company, we’re recognized for three categories, as mentioned below.

Research suggests that the number of online shoppers would have spiked to more than 2 billion in 2021. A typical eCommerce development company creates top-notch online stores and sets brands apart while building long term bonds with their clients.

E-commerce has completely changed how people shop and how businesses conduct their operations. Many companies are looking to widen their reach and provide a personalized user experience with better and improved customer service. With 24/7 customer service and useful information on your site, many buyers will be satisfied with your services and are likely to keep coming back.

At Innovative Flare, we partner with different types of businesses such as B2B and B2C. We also use platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce to build secure websites for our clients.

Studies conducted on online shopping behavior reveal that about 50% of potential consumers visiting your website will judge your store’s credibility by its design and usability. At Innovative Flare, we are responsible for how your brand looks like online.

For an appealing visual of your online store, we have a typical four-stage process towards building your desired online store. The first stage is the consultation phase, where we provide you with a set of questions that will better help us understand your target audience and objectives.

The proposal stage is where we work with the outline you provided and draft a proposal detailing the project’s scope and estimated costs. The next step is drafting. Here, we will present you with some design options where you can choose the most suitable one. In the last stage, the development stage, we offer domain names and hosting options for your online store.

Statistics state that brands with social media presence enjoy more than 30% increased sales. A typical marketing agency is responsible for designing and developing marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and attract relevant leads for online businesses.

E-commerce marketing agencies aren’t like the traditional marketing agencies which specialize in creating brochures for new shoppers. ECommerce marketing agencies such as Innovative Flare, take advantage of advanced analytical tools to discover the specific needs of any business based on their locations.

Why Innovative Flare

With today’s technological advancements, your brand’s visibility is very crucial in helping you grow. Forbes estimates that every online business has approximately 7 seconds to make an impression on a potential buyer. Therefore your business needs to make a long-lasting impression if you want to grow.

Over 80% of online users conduct a general product search online. This, therefore, necessitates the use of search engine optimization, SEO to help you rank highly on the search engine results. By incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy, your business enjoys organic traffic to your website, which translates to increased sales.

About 70% of Facebook users follow a particular brand. If they need to purchase a product, they will go through your page to determine your credibility. Most times, potential buyers look at three things, reviews, company information, and content.

At Innovative Flare, we help you improve your brand’s recognition by ensuring that your brand is authentic and has a sharp visual image.