How to Create a Small Business Marketing Message That Converts

Creating a small business marketing message

Creating a small business marketing message that converts.

Regardless of your marketing channel and whether it is running Facebook ads, Google ads, or writing text for your homepage, your message needs to resonate with people and do so in a powerful way. Only then can you gain an edge in convincing people to buy your products or services.

However, this is often something that is more said than done for many businesses. Many small businesses fail to create powerful and impactful messages and instead create messages that are too generic and fail to grab attention. Eventually, these businesses will fail to catch up to their competitors and go under.

So how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen to your small business?

Understand your audience

The first thing is to understand who you are marketing to? What are their problems and pain points, wants, and needs?

You will need to identify a marketing niche and create a buyer persona. Only then can you create the ideal message in your marketing campaigns.

You will also need to identify, call, and survey your target audience to find out what they are searching for in the market. This is part of market research.

As you interview members of your audience, you will begin to notice patterns and can then use this information in creating highly tailored marketing messages.

Be consistent with your marketing message

You can do this by following the same messaging framework that your business uses. The more customers can identify a certain type of message with your brand the more they are likely to trust you.

Customers like consistency and it is this consistency that creates a feeling of reliability and subsequently builds trust.

For instance, you can use a tagline, and value prop on all your brand messaging. You can then craft your copy around the same value pillars for your brand.

Craft your marketing message for people

This is one of the most downplayed and lightly taken strategies when crafting marketing messages. You need to talk as if you are speaking to people and not at or about people. For instance, in your message use a second-person voice. This means using “you” and avoiding using “them”

Also, avoid using complicated words and jargon as this can leave people confused and feeling as though the advertisement wasn’t meant for them.

What we are saying here is to talk to people like humans.

Keep things short, simple and direct

With marketing, the goal is to always first and foremost grab attention. Don’t overplay it by using long and complicated sentences and lengthy paragraphs.

Instead, use short and simple text as this has been proven to be more effective not only at grabbing attention but also in sending leads through the sales funnel.

As you create copy, read through again and make it shorter and tighter while ensuring it is clear and concise.

Make use of emotion

The best way to make ensure that your marketing copy resonates with customers is by making use of their emotions. Arouse their need to use your product or service and they are much more likely to convert.

To do this, figure out people’s needs, fears, and wants and create copy around them.

When marketing, talk more about the benefits of your products rather than their features. Customers don’t care about the technicalities that go into creating the product. Instead, they care about whether the product or service will help them or their loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Making a marketing message that converts is not as difficult as it may appear. With a few tips and tricks that appeal to the customer psyche, you can increase sales. Just make sure to follow up on your marketing campaigns and make tweaks where necessary. This ensures your message resonates well with your target audience.

If you need help crafting the perfect marketing message for your small business, you are at the right place. Contact us today to get started.