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Mapping out the customer journey to develop a marketing plan

The Importance of Customer Journey Marketing for Your Business

The ways customers interact with your business can profoundly affect their decision whether or not to make a purchase. Although the customer may not perceive it that way, you know how much effort went into generating and nurturing every lead on the business side of things....
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Three women reading about must-try marketing trends for 2022 on a laptop.

Must-try marketing trends for 2022

Marketing is one of those industries that evolve at the speed of light. Trends come fast, and they go away even quicker. We've seen a shift towards digital platforms in the past two years. It was the only choice marketers had, so they embraced it....
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Warning about cyber attacks and different types of negative SEO on a tablet.

Types of negative SEO and how to protect your website

Whether we like it or not, negative SEO happens. And in competitive business environments, like today, it happens more than you think. Even the most honest websites can find themselves being the victims of malicious intents and practices, especially if they don't have previous experience with this t...
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