Is Blogging Still Relevant For Small Businesses in 2022?

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Today, in a passionate discussion, someone mentioned to me that in 2022, the whole idea of blogs and blogging are no longer relevant for small businesses.

Before going deeper into the subject, allow me to jump to the end and tell you that this person is completely wrong. Then, read on to find out why.

It is more critical than ever that unique voices are heard, but is blogging still the best way to share your ideas in 2022?

Individuals can share their passions with an audience of like-minded individuals through the art form that dates back as far as the Internet. However, companies began including it in their marketing arsenals about ten years ago.

What best practices can you follow on your small business blog in 2022 to ensure your blog is successful? This article will examine six reasons why blogging for small businesses is still relevant in 2022 and how you can use it to influence how you write your own blog.

Here are six reasons blogging for small businesses is still relevant

Interested in blogging for your small business? Here are the top reasons we think it’s still a worthwhile idea.

Keyword targeting opportunities.

The number one reason businesses of all sizes blog, whether they realize it or not, is because blogging allows you to target more keywords on your website. Let’s face it, you can’t put up 10 different sales pages about a particular product or service but can the ways you can blog about it are almost endless.

These stats tell the whole story.

In many cases, internet statistics are so vast that they are meaningless or irrelevant. However, when you consider that 409 million blogs are read per month across 20 billion blog sites, it almost immediately answers the question “Is blogging for small businesses relevant in 2022?” with a big yes…and there are four more to go!

You have to carve out a tiny piece from a big pie. The challenge of figuring out exactly how to do that can be fun in and of itself, though.

Blogging format.

Blogging works best with light, skimmable content. In a sense, blogs are a medium by themselves – not as throwaway as magazines or dry as Wikipedia entries or academic articles. They are both informative and informal.

Readers can quickly find answers in an easy-to-understand, consumable way using them. Additionally, blogs tend to incorporate an element of fun (for example, a ‘top 6 list’) to capture readers’ attention and encourage them to continue reading.

Irresistible, relatable content.

It is common for company blogs to be written to convey personality. Humans relate to things that have character. Readers can disagree or agree with writers by grasping the true person beneath the words despite their agendas and biases. Both are useful! The purpose of writing in this space is to elicit a reaction.

Compared with a company, where readers may be more skeptical about the ‘views’ of that company, an individual writer will exude authenticity beyond their words, influencing the reader significantly (okay, moderately).

Freedom of speech is more important than ever, as discussed in the first line. The blog is one of the only written mediums that enable anyone to express themselves succinctly and articulately. Moreover, a personal blog is not censored, which can be a huge advantage in a world where many news organizations have agendas. To ensure that it never dies out, we must cling to it and nurture it.

Continually evolving.

Blogs have evolved continuously since they were invented just over 20 years ago. However, only around ten years ago, they really caught on as the form of marketing they’re so often used for today. Initially, they were almost like diaries (or “logs”). As long as there are new ways to share information online, they’re unlikely to stop evolving.

In this constant evolution, they are able to find new uses, audiences, and potential. Some will last, some won’t. However, they are currently a critical part of influencers’ arsenal.

Bloggers are, in fact, some of the biggest influencers. There are several reasons why companies employ bloggers as influencers. First, influencers are chosen based on the audiences they attract, so they help reach their audience.

Aside from these benefits, endorsements in and of themselves are valuable. For example, when you search for a review of a free-standing mixer, who do you trust more? Chefs passionate about the product and use it every day, or the manufacturer? Influencer review blogs also benefit from pointing out something the influencer loves about a product that a marketing department that does not use it every day might miss.

Influencers aren’t the only reason blogs are evolving. Blog content itself is constantly changing. Today’s blogs include a diverse range of media (videos, audio, recipes, even artwork, and unique photos).

Following the trends will allow you to observe what others do and even apply some of your own creative ideas. In addition, it will give you a sense of how blogs evolve over time. In places where blogs are still evolving, there are still opportunities.

Niche possibilities are infinite.

It’s 100% certain that you have read a blog in the past few weeks (in fact, that’s what you’re doing right now).

However, regardless if it’s a food blog, a product review, a technical guide, or an opinion piece to make sure you weren’t wrong about that film – the blog is a medium we very much understand. But it’s so endless. Just about anything can be blogged about. This goes far beyond mainstream thinking. Blogs can inspire whole communities of enthusiasts. Writing about what you love is the best way to find audiences like this. You will gain an audience by demonstrating passion, originality, and a new angle.

In addition, it’s also good to remember that promoting blog content on social media can be relatively inexpensive compared to other options. Create a page for your blog on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and then sponsor your posts to attract visitors.

So, let’s answer the question; is blogging still relevant for small businesses in 2022?

We believe the answer to be a resounding yes based on our six reasons. As long as blogs continue to evolve, they will have a place. Although not all blogs will be huge successes, nothing is guaranteed until you try it. One thing is for sure: you won’t succeed at anything you don’t try. By determining which blogging platform might work best for you, you’ll avoid getting overwhelmed and wasting time.

We can help you set up your blog. Whether for your small business or a personal blog, we have all the tools needed to help you reach your targeted audience.

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